April 29, 2018

More Will Be Given

Bible Text: Luke 19:11–27 |

Far from only containing nice, feel-good stories, the Gospels often recount hard sayings and shocking scenes. In this weekend’s passage, Luke 19:11-27, Jesus melds together historical information about a client king of Rome named Archelaus and a parable about a nobleman, his servants, and some minas (money) that he entrusted to them while he took a trip. The parable is similar to the more familiar parable of the talents in Matthew, but it has some particular differences, notably that historical information. The account told by Jesus makes for a powerful and disruptive message to any Christian’s comfortable life. Specifically, we’ll see that faithfulness to Jesus, as we await his coming, is proven in our service to him and for him. Bottom line, if you’re not serving Jesus, you’re not ready for his coming. And he is coming.

But that motive, the return of Jesus to judge our works for him, is only partially effective in waking us up to get serving. We must also be compelled by love, just as Jesus was in serving us by giving his life on the cross. Given the brokenness of our world and the desperation that so many feel, we must love people and serve them tangibly and tell them of the hope they too can have in Christ. We all need to be faithful to do that.

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Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 5
More Will Be Given
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 19:11–27
April 28–29, 2018

Faithfulness to Jesus, as we await his coming, is proven in my service to him and for him...

• God entrusts and expects (v. 11–15)

• I manage and multiply (v. 16, 18)

• God recognizes and rewards (v. 17, 19, 26)

…but sadly, many will fall before the God who also condemns the unfaithful (v. 20–25, 27)