December 1, 2013

My Soul Magnifies The Lord

Bible Text: Luke 1:46-56 |

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You get the sense from reading the first two chapters of Luke’s gospel that they are pretty much the script for a Broadway-style musical…narrative, song, narrative, song, narrative, song, narrative…song. Mary, Zechariah, a group number with some angels and an old man named Simeon all break into song/poetry after something awesome takes place.

When we get together today to look at Luke 1:46-56 we’ll see the first of four songs or canticles that give colour and depth to Luke’s account of Jesus’ nativity. In that first song, Mary worships God, giving him the glory, for all he is doing in and through her. The song, to use her word, magnifies God while minimizing her. And that’s what we’ll try to get our hands on as we work through the passage together today. We’ll complete the statement, “I magnify God (and minimize me) when I…” Should be a high-impact time together.