May 29, 2022

Neither cold nor hot

Bible Text: Revelation 3:14-22 |

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On the one hand, this is the hardest of the seven letters. On the other, it is still filled with hope. In this final letter of the seven letters in Revelation 2-3, Jesus extends grace to a church that had almost completely lost its way. They are described by Jesus as “lukewarm,” neither hot or cold which is preferred. Think coffee or tea. Great when it is hot. Great when it is ice cold. But terrible lukewarm. Jesus wants his church to be crisp, clean and refreshingly cold like a tall glass of ice tea or piping hot like a good cup of joe. The lukewarm church is spewed out. Unfit to be consumed. Unworthy to be called a church.

Series: Great & Amazing - Revelation
Message: 9–Neither cold nor hot
Text: Revelation 3:14-22
Todd Dugard
Harvest Bible Chapel
May 29, 2022

Jesus is the faithful and true witness and so we must give ourselves fully to him…

…setting aside our complacency (v. 15)

…receiving his stern rebuke (v. 16)

…doing a deep dive on our sin (v. 17)

You will never make yourself feel that you are a sinner, because there is a mechanism in you as a result of sin that will always be defending you against every accusation. We are all on very good terms with ourselves, and can always put up a good case for ourselves.
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Seeking the face of God: nine reflections on the Psalms

…accepting his wise counsel (v. 18)

Matthew 6:19-20
John 9:25b
John 9:39

…knowing his heart for us (v. 19)

Proverbs 3:11-12

…opening the door to his abundant grace (v. 20)

…obtaining eternal blessings from him (v. 21-22)

You won’t conquer what you won’t confront.
Tai Adeboboya