November 17, 2013

Nothing Will Be Impossible With God

Bible Text: Luke 1:26-38 |

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It is pretty easy to take a single verse out of its context and make it mean something we want it to mean rather than what God intended for it to mean. In this week’s passage from our study in Luke’s Gospel we have just such a verse. The angel Gabriel delivers it when he says at the end of his conversation with Mary, the soon-to-be-mother of Jesus that, “nothing will be impossible with God.”

While that is true without exception, we should all take exception that the verse is often applied without due consideration to the will of God. It acts as a bit of a motivational speech to encourage us to ask for whatever we want and, if we have enough faith to believe it, we’ll get the impossible delivered to us. Is that really the way it works? We’ll see when we get Luke 1:26-38 open in front of us.