December 11, 2022

Out of Egypt I called my Son

Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-18 |

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As we continue on in our series, “All this took place” we come this week to a few more of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled in his entrance into this earth, and specifically the way that three sets of characters responded to his arrival. The wise men, Herod and the religious leaders, and Mary and Joseph were all presented with a choice to make in how they would respond to the purpose for which Jesus came. In the same way, we must respond to Jesus’ coming, even if that means challenging and potentially even painful realities for us.

Series: All This Took Place - Christmas Series
Jordan Coros
Message: 2 - Out of Egypt I called my Son
Harvest Bible Chapel
Text: Matthew 2:1-18
December 11, 2022

How will I respond to Jesus’ arrival?

1) The wise men worshipped him. Will you? (v. 1-2, 9-12)

Numbers 24:17

The God who two thousand years ago sovereignly arranged the stars in the sky, the God who sovereignly directed these magi to the Messiah, is the God who has sovereignly arranged your life and every detail in it — your family, your job, your school, your background and your relationships.
David Platt

Philippians 2:10–11

2) Herod was threatened by him. Are you? (v. 3-8, 16-18)

Psalm 2:2
John 15:18–19

3) Mary and Joseph trusted him. Do you? (v. 13-15)