January 10, 2021

Pandemic Soul Care

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After more than 10 months of lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID-19, the conversation has finally turned to mental health. This is the frontline battle that we’re actively engaged in as a church every day of the week and that has been pushed to the side over these months. The Word of God has a lot to say about our mental health, and the inter-connectedness between our spiritual life and our mental and emotional well-being is indisputable.

In light of this, we are devoting this coming Sunday to a panel discussion on “Pandemic Soul Care.” Roger Freeman, our Biblical Soul Care pastor, and two of his team members, Steph Nesbit and Kim Griffin, will join Pastor Todd to discuss this important topic.

Sermon Notes

Pandemic Soul Care
Todd Dugard, Roger Freeman, Kim Griffin, Steph Nesbit
Various Scriptures
Sunday, January 10, 2021
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The second wave of the pandemic has intensified feelings of stress and anxiety, causing alarming levels of despair, suicidal thoughts and hopelessness in the Canadian population. 
The second wave of the virus:
71% worried about 
58% worried about a loved one or family member dying 
21% feeling hopeful. 
As winter approaches, those who say mental health has declined since March:
40% All Canadians  
61% Unemployed 
61% Pre-existing mental health issue 
60% Younger people aged 18-24 
54% Indigenous peoples 
54% Those identify as LGBTQ2+
50% Those who have a disability 
45% Women 
34% Men
John 16:33
What kind of impact is isolation having on people?
Proverbs 18:1
How can people manage anxiety and despair right now?
Matthew 6:34
1 Peter 5:6-7  
What types of unhealthy coping mechanisms are people using?  
How is COVID affecting people’s relationships with others?
Ephesians 4:31-32 
What can people do when they recognize a loved one is struggling?
Galatians 6:2
What are the strategies can we offer people to lessen the impact of the pandemic? 
Even if next year is just like this year, I won’t be. Even if 2021 doesn’t change, I will. 
Jacquie Hill Perry
**Taking Care of Our Whole Selves**
Focus on today
Develop hope
Keep a gratitude journal
Try new things
Seek help
Get up and dressed each day
Get moving
Eat and sleep regularly, not too much or too little
Shower and take care of yourself
Develop a daily routine
Get medical issues addressed
Acknowledge your emotions, don’t let them make decisions
Learn to live in the tension of the present and the not yet, sadness and joy
Decrease your social media time
Be kind, extend grace to others
Build into relationships, find ways to spend time with people
Develop markers of hope  - Keep lights up til this COVID season is over, put up a picture of someone you will hug when this is over, put up a picture of a place you will visit. Keep reminding yourself of what’s coming)
Listen to worship music, not just in the background, but intently listen and sing 
Listen to podcasts that feed you and encourage you
Read/listen to audiobooks
Join a Scripture reading plan with a friend
Take time to be still, quiet external voices, start small, listen to what the Lord might be saying
Be a speaker of hope - spend time with others who are also speaking hope
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