December 2, 2018

Perseverance: “The People Who Know Their God Shall Stand Firm”

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We often think about endurance in terms of individual trials and hardships that we have to make it through. We say things like, “If I can just endure this season of my life, I’ll be good.” Sometimes, we even trivialize this character quality with statements at work like, “I just endured the longest meeting ever!” or in school saying, “Mrs. So-and-So’s class is an endurance test!” But endurance or perseverance is a quality that should not be trivialized like this or confined to temporary circumstances and events. Endurance, according to Jesus, is far more essential than we may realize. In fact, in Matthew 24:13 he said, “The one who endures to the end will be saved.” For Jesus, perseverance is the marker of genuine salvation. You know for sure that your sins are forgiven and you belong to him if you are standing there at the end.

Understanding perseverance is where we are going in this Sunday’s message from Daniel 11. Similar to what had been delivered in dreams and visions in Daniel 2, 7, 8, and 9, the vision Daniel sees in this week’s passage speaks of the near (for him) and distant future (yet future for us, in fact). While we cannot lock down all of the details of this incredible look into the future, it is evident that difficult days are ahead for those who love and follow Jesus, and that having the quality of perseverance is essential in identifying with Christ.

As we look back on the historical setting for Daniel 11, we realize that the Jewish people who endured so much at the hands of foreign empires persevered through it all, providing a model of genuine faith and trust in God. What we will see in the passage is that those who persevere find their strength in Christ and not themselves, believe everything God’s Word says, stand firm and resolute in their faith, are found serving and witnessing of Christ, push through all hardship and trials, and see God’s purposes in everything.

Sermon Notes

Resolved! Living for Christ when you’re the only one who is
Perseverance: “The People Who Know Their God Shall Stand Firm”
Pastor Todd Dugard // Daniel 11
December 2, 2018

The true believer will persevere to the end!

• Strengthened by Christ and believing his Word (v. 1–31)

• Standing firm for Christ and fulfilling his mission (v. 32)

• Enduring hardship in Christ and embracing his purposes (v. 33–45)