November 15, 2015

Receive His Grace

Bible Text: Exodus 16-17 |

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I think we all know we’re screw-ups in need of God’s mercy. I think we also know that we don’t deserve anything from God—well…except his judgment and wrath. We deserve that. And yet, in his grace and mercy, the Father has reached out to offer us forgiveness and provided us with a way to enter into relationship with him.

Our series in Exodus, Bound for Glory, continues this weekend as we look at chapters 16-17 where God miraculously feeds them, provides water and helps them prevail against an enemy intent on their destruction. In each case, it is an example of his grace—undeserved and unearned favour—being poured out to them. And it is an example for us to take note of because God’s M.O. hasn’t changed. He wants to pour out that same grace in your life and mine.