January 3, 2016


Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 10:31 |

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Happy New Year, Harvest! I don’t know if you’re on this program, but one of the things that many people do as they flip the calendar from December to January is to make some new year’s resolutions. You know, stuff like: I want to . . . lose weight, pay off debt, save more money, be more generous, find a better job, exercise regularly, quit smoking, reduce stress, spend more time with loved ones, and so on. All good things to go after.

When you stop and think about it, “resolution” and “resolve” aren’t words that we use a lot these days, other than at this time of year. They have the idea of coming to a firm and determined decision to accomplish something specific or to abide by certain principles. After some reflection, you commit yourself to take steps along a definite path that, if faithfully followed, will change the destination of your life.

Now I’m all for us making resolutions about physical health, personal finances, or everyday habits, but this weekend I’m going to challenge us to consider making a spiritual resolution that I believe is absolutely fundamental for each of our lives in 2016.