August 6, 2017

Satisfaction: My flesh faints for you

Bible Text: Psalm 63 |

The Bible speaks about the thoughts of our hearts, the choices of our hearts, and the desires of our hearts. We struggle to bring every thought into subjection to Christ and to make decisions that are pleasing to God, but perhaps the most difficult thing we wrestle with is our desires.

This weekend’s message is about the longings of our hearts. Psalm 63 begins with a metaphor of thirst, which is an appropriate way to describe the things that we long for. Desire is a powerful motivator that often eclipses our thinking and directs our choices. The depth of our desires is often equaled by the breadth of our desires. And they drive us!

We need to understand our desires. But we really need to understand what will satisfy us. And this weekend’s message is also about satisfaction. Read over Psalm 63 and ponder the things that drive you. “What am I really looking for? Am I satisfied? Where is God in the longings of my heart?”

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Sermon Notes

Out of the Depths: Praying the Psalms
Satisfaction: My flesh faints for you
Roger Freeman // Psalm 63
August 5–6, 2017

I will find satisfaction when I...

• Reckon with the depth of my desires (v. 1–4)

• Recognize the breadth of my desires (v. 5–8)

• Realize the point of my desires (v. 9–11)