February 4, 2018

Saved to Be a Blessing​

Bible Text: Genesis 12:1–9 |

We are launching a brand new series titled The Bible’s Greatest Hits, and over the next six weeks we will be looking at a few of the high-water-mark texts in God’s Word. Each of the preachers for this series has picked one of their favourite passages (often just a verse or two) to unpack. And along with that, we will be singing a few classic worship songs along the way. It should be fantastic!

Julian Freeman, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Don Mills, is leading things off with a message from Genesis 12:1-9. Here is what he shared by way of a teaser

In the ancient story of Abram, we learn much about the timeless ways of God. Have you ever wondered who it is that God saves? Or why he saves people? And what does all of this mean for us as a church and for our mission? Let’s dive into the story of our forefather in the faith and glory in our unchanging God and his gracious ways!

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Sermon Notes

The Bible's Greatest Hits
Saved to Be a Blessing​
Pastor Julian Freeman // Genesis 12:1–9
February 3–4, 2018

1. Through Abram we see how God saves

2. Through Abram we see who God saves

3. Through Abram we see why God saves