October 24, 2021

So The Church

Bible Text: Acts 9:19b-31 |

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The last several sermons in Acts have been hard-hitting messages about each believer taking on this mission to make disciples. In addition, there’s been a strong call for unbelievers in our midst to turn to Christ. As we look at Acts 9:19b-31 this week, the emphasis will shift as we look at what happens to Saul following his conversion. The account is a primer on how to be the church, and it lays out four key expectations we should all have with respect to the church. Too many people find themselves in churches that have abandoned the gospel, lost genuine fellowship, and forgotten the mission. And yet, God has laid things out for us so clearly. It is on us to ensure that we are all a part of a church that does the things that a New Testament church ought to be doing, and being the church that God wants us to be. We’ll look at those expectations together on Sunday. Bring your Bible and a heart to learn and grow.

Sermon Notes

The Book of Acts
So the church
Acts 9:19b-31
Pastor Todd Dugard
October 24, 2021

I expect my church to…

…preach Jesus faithfully (v. 9b-22)

…face opposition bravely (v. 23-25, 29-30)

Matthew 5:11

Acts 20:24

Everywhere heroism gives way to hedonism.
Byung-Chul Han

Christians in persecuted countries pray for:
(1) Perseverance
(2) Utterance
(3) Salvation

…resolve issues kindly (v. 26-28)

Romans 12:18

…grow disciples deeply (v. 31)