February 2, 2020

State of the Church

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It was just a few weeks ago that I shared about Joab, King David’s general, who was leading the armies of Israel against Ammon.

With the Syrians enlisted to come to Ammon’s aid, Joab found himself surrounded. He responded with the best defensive strategy at his disposal, charged up his troops, and then said, “And may the Lord do what seems good to him.” It was a statement rooted in faith and in an acknowledgement that God will always accomplish his will.

Nothing is outside his control. Win or lose (as we see wins and losses), we’re always in God’s all-powerful hands.

In this message we're taking looking back to that account of Joab in 1 Chronicles 19 as well as looking at something Jesus said in John 14:12 about the “greater things” that we, as his followers, should see happening.

All of that to set up a message on the State of the Church. It will feel like a bit of a different Sunday as we look at our current financial picture as well as projections for 2020.

We’ll examine some people numbers, as well as what the elders are talking about in terms of evaluation and vision.

This is an important message that should encourage, bless, and challenge us all in the Harvest Barrie family.

Our hope is that God will continue to do “greater works” in and through us.

Sermon Notes

State of the Church
Pastor Todd Dugard
Various Scriptures

February 2, 2020

2019 General Fund Summary

Made for This Summary

2020 Forecast and Budget

Highlights on People Numbers

Christmas Report

DNA Evaluation


Elder Update