October 23, 2022

Take the scroll

Bible Text: Revelation 10:1-11 |

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After a tough message last week in Revelation 9, we get a little breather as the apocalyptic action takes a pause. The next two messages in Revelation 10:1-11 and 11:1-14 are an interlude before we get to the seventh trumpet in 11:15-19. For this Sunday, we’ll be reminded about the centrality of the gospel and the authority of God’s Word in our lives with all of the implications that brings. This message will certainly challenge us in our commitment to the Word, but it will also be comforting as we reflect on the goodness of God in giving us his Word; speaking to us and assuring us of his plan to save humanity. We’ll be brough face-to-face with God’s Word. And it will bless us.

Series: Great & Amazing—Revelation (Part 2)
Todd Dugard
Message: 16 - Take the scroll
Harvest Bible Chapel
Text: Revelation 10:1-11
October 23, 2022

William Tyndale: https://www.christianitytoday.com/history/people/scholarsandscientists/william-tyndale.html

When I am brought face-to-face with the Word of God…

…I must submit to its authority (v. 1-3)

Matthew 28:19a

…revel in its mystery (v. 4-7)

…internalize its message (v. 8-9a)

Jeremiah 15:16

…anticipate its varied effects (v. 9b-10)

The full counsel of God contains a word of judgment as well as mercy, and the messenger of the gospel must be faithful to both aspects of his message. But the man who knows the love of God and the compassion of Christ can never take delight in preaching the wrath of God or find satisfaction of spirit in proclaiming divine judgments. He must always do this with a broken heart, with a bitter spirit, following the example of his Lord who wept over those upon whom God’s judgment was to fall.
George Eldon Ladd

2 Corinthians 2:15–17

…and carry it with me on mission for Christ. (v. 11)