September 3, 2017

That They Might Be Saved

Bible Text: Romans 10:1–17 |

One of our elders and the coordinator of our global ministries, Terry Codling, will be opening God’s Word to Romans 10:1-17 and giving us a snapshot into our partnership in Cameroon. The threefold emphasis of our strategy is to Pray-Give-Go in fulfilling the mission entrusted to us by Jesus in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Get ready to hear about the exciting work in Africa and the new church plant that launches on October 1 in the capital city of Yaounde.

Sermon Notes

That They Might Be Saved
Terry Codling
Romans 10:1–17
September 2–3, 2017

There is no salvation without…
…knowledge (v. 2–4)
…faith (v. 5–13)
…preachers (v. 14–15)
…hearing (v. 16–17)