November 3, 2013

That You May Have Certainty

Bible Text: Luke 1:1-4 |

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I’m so ready to be with you at Harvest this Sunday to start a journey into and through the Gospel of Luke. I say “journey” because my estimate is that we will take part or most of the next four ministry years to complete our study of Luke’s account of the earthly life of Jesus Christ.

I’m excited about it for a few reasons, but one that is at the top of the list is that we will be back to our stock-in-trade way of preaching the Bible: verse-by-verse. Going back to April, I have preached three topical series in a row. Verse-by-verse is preferred because is shows us that we’re making progress, it respects the flow of Scripture, it gives us more confidence in the meaning of the passage being studied, and it helps us see how we can study the Bible for ourselves and have it make sense to us.