March 16, 2014

The Double-Minded Man

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If we're honest with ourselves and one another, feelings of uncertainty and unsettledness are a normal part of life. When we face circumstances that are difficult--what James calls "trials of various kinds" (1:2)--our natural response is to ride a roller coaster in our relationship with God. To be strong one moment and weak the next. To vacillate between allegiance and apathy. Know what I'm talking about?

But God has much more in mind. He wants us to have a supernatural response in times of trouble, to live in ways that are inexplicable apart from his presence and power. Last week we learned that we can find true joy even in the midst of life's refining fire. (Be sure to watch or listen to that message if you missed it.) This week we will build upon that and discover how to have unwavering faith in any circumstance.