March 15, 2015

The Foundation on the Rock

Bible Text: Luke 6:46-49 |

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In 2009 a new condo in Shanghai, not yet occupied but almost completely finished, fell over.

As an unlearned observer, you might guess that it had something to do with the foundation. And you would be correct. I have to believe someone got fired once the dust settled.

Any building is only as strong as the invisible foundation beneath it. Long before the condo collapse in China, Jesus made the point that there are builders who get it right and set their foundation on bedrock and there are those who get it very wrong and build with no foundation. The result of the latter is devastating.

Jesus, of course, is less concerned with the structural integrity of buildings and far more interested in how your life is engineered. What is your life built on? We will be looking at that together today in Luke 6:46-49.