January 17, 2021

The Gospel is Freedom

Bible Text: Romans 6:1-14 |

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Christians have been set free from sin. That’s a fact of our salvation. But here’s a great follow up question to that statement: do you feel that freedom or do you feel enslaved to sin still?

As we resume our series, The Power of the Gospel, in Romans 1-8, we come to three of the most powerful and theologically rich chapters in all of the Bible. This Sunday, as we look at Romans 6:1-14, we will discover that since we have been set free from sin, we must refuse to abuse God’s grace, considering ourselves dead to sin and alive in Christ while aggressively resisting sin’s dominance in our lives. That is a packed statement of strong belief in the saving power of the gospel of Christ in our lives. And it is also a declaration concerning our part in ensuring that sin no longer dominates us. Take some time to read and meditate on the passage before Sunday and pray that God opens our hearts and minds to receive the Word as it is preached.

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Sermon Notes

The Power of the Gospel (Romans 1-8)
The Gospel is Freedom

Todd Dugard
Romans 6:1-14

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The gospel is... 


Since I have been set free from sin…

Romans 10:13

…I refuse to abuse God’s grace (6:1-4)

Romans 3:8
Romans 5:20b

Paul seems to have jumped straight from justification to glorification, without any intervening stage of sanctification.
John Stott

…considering myself dead to sin (6:5-7)

…and alive in Christ (6:8-11)

Remember that Christ did not accomplish the atonement, so that you would anger God again; nor did he die for your sins, so that you would still live in them; nor did he cleanse you, only to have you return (like a swine) to your own pigsty; but that you would be a new creature and live a new life aligned with the will of God and not of the flesh.
William Tyndale, 1526 [updated]

…while aggressively resisting its dominance in my life (6:12-14)

The imperative challenges us to become what we are. Robert H. Mounce

When I resist sin’s control…
…I feel sorrow and the weight of my sin
…I run to Jesus and agree with him that it is sin
…I decide to not return to my sin
…I assume responsibility for the consequences of my sin …I put measures in place to keep from sinning again

Since I have been set free from sin, I refuse to abuse God’s grace, considering myself dead to sin and alive in Christ, while aggressively resisting its dominance in my life.