February 28, 2021

The Gospel is Hope

Bible Text: Romans 8:18-30 |

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Many of you might find yourself reciting verses from memory that appear in this Sunday’s passage. Romans 8 is a remarkable chapter in the Bible and one that we go to time and again for understanding and comfort. We’ve bitten off a good chunk for this Sunday as we look at Romans 8:18-30 under the theme of “The Gospel is Hope.” Earlier in Romans 5:5, Paul assured his readers that they (and we) have a hope that, “does not put us to shame,” that does not disappoint. Returning to that thought in this week’s passage, he says that hope helps us to see the world as it is, encourages us to be patient as we await God’s final fulfillment, pushes us to depend on the Holy Spirit, and gives us an unshakeable confidence in God’s plan. I’m eager to look into these things with you on Sunday.

Sermon Notes

The Power of the Gospel (Romans 1-8)
The Gospel is Hope
Todd Dugard
Romans 8:18-30

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Gospel hope means…


…acceptance of what is (v. 18-23)

The “frustration” of the created order lay in its inability (due to human sin) to fulfill its intended goal or purpose.
O. Bauernfeind


…patience in the waiting (v. 24-25)

Hope is a confident expectation and desire for good things in the future.
John Piper


…reliance on the Spirit (v. 26-27)


…confidence in God’s plan (v. 28-30)

It is not to deny that we ‘decided for Christ’, and freely, but to affirm that we did so only because he had first ‘decided for us’.
John Stott