November 12, 2017

The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)

Of the three members of the Trinity, we would all agree that the Holy Spirit is the most mysterious and the one most easily forgotten and/or ignored. The Spirit’s work is such that some believers find him to be uncomfortable. And then there’s the whole thing of him not being a “him” and a force or something impersonal like that. He is a “him”; the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.

We will be looking at the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (pneumatology) together this weekend as our current series, Here I Stand, continues. We are just three weeks into the seven-message series, digging into the 7 Must-Believes for Christians in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In these messages, we are seeing how our lives are being impacted and changed by what we believe, and why the world around us desperately needs this too. Doctrine matters! Actions flow out of what we believe.

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Sermon Notes

Here I Stand: 7 Must-Believes for Christians
The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
Pastor Todd Dugard
Various Scriptures
November 11–12, 2017

What I believe…
God, the Holy Spirit, is the third person of the Trinity

Why I believe it…
• The Spirit works in salvation
• The Spirit works to support
• The Spirit works in service
• The Spirit works to sanctify

How I’m living because of it…
• Born again
• Walking confidently
• Ministering faithfully
• Maturing steadily