October 3, 2021

The Intent of the Heart

Bible Text: Acts 8:4-25 |

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We are back to the Book of Acts and picking up the narrative at Acts 8:4-25 with an amazing account of the gospel impacting a whole new group of people but with twists and turns that will leave us carefully considering our own lives and how faithful we are to Jesus. As the gospel moves out from Jerusalem into Judea and Samaria, many are joyfully converted at Philip’s preaching and two apostles arrive to continue the work, but one new convert makes a horrible mistake and learns a difficult lesson. The episode compels us to ask the question of ourselves: is the intent of my heart centred on the gospel, or, like Simon the Magician, is my heart “not right before God”? Am I still distracted or devoted to sinful ways? Do I need to repent of anything? As always, the Word of God will pierce our hearts as we gather to hear it proclaimed.

Sermon Notes

The Book of Acts (Chapters 8-12)
The intent of the heart
Acts 8:4-25
Pastor Todd Dugard
October 3, 2021
Romans 10:10a
Is the intent of my heart centred on the gospel?
1. Am I saved? (v. 5–7, 9–13)
2. Am I missional? (v. 4, 25)
1 Timothy 2:4
3. Am I joyful? (v. 8)
Psalm 16:11
4. Am I Spirit-filled? (v. 14–17)
Romans 8:9
5. Am I a repenter? (v. 18–24)
Just because you’re saved doesn’t mean you’re smart.
Roger Freeman
2 Peter 1:9
Sermon Series "The Holy Spirit"