October 22, 2023

The joy of forgiveness

Bible Text: Psalm 32 |

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Be not like a horse or a mule without understanding.” That’s good advice, don’t you think? That line is found in Psalm 32:9a and is part of a beautiful declaration and prayer of contrition to God with assurances of mercy and forgiveness from the Lord.  And that’s the passage that Pastor Lee Ballantine of Harvest Ayr, Scotland will be bringing to us this Sunday. Come ready to hear a challenging and comforting message from God’s Word, spoken with a charming Irish accent which, without a doubt, will make it sound way more inspiring!

Lee Ballantine
The Joy of Forgiveness
Harvest Bible Chapel
Text: Psalm 32
October 22, 2023

In your ears, what does repentance sound like? We think of groaning and grovelling, of grinding teeth and weary resolve. But what does repentance really sound like? When it has completed its work, it sounds like joy.
Bryan Chapel

In Jesus, God doesn’t count my sin (v. 1-2)

Romans 4:6-8

So, I don’t need to cover up my sin (v. 3-5)

Ephesians 1:7

And can know the joy of confessing my sin (v. 6-11)

1 John 1:8–9