March 29, 2020

The Long and Winding Road

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The Long and Winding Road

If you know the Beatles, you know I ripped off their song title for this message. Lennon and McCartney wrote and sang about a girl, of course. It was a love song.

This message in Ruth is too, I guess.

We’ll be in the third message in our series, The Road to Redemption: The Life-Changing Story of Ruth this Sunday. And, in fact, a love story between Ruth and Boaz takes some brave steps forward. But we miss the central message of Ruth if we fixate on that point.

This story is about redemption. Freedom. Salvation. It is a chapter in the long story of God’s love for sinners and his plan to set things right for us.

In this message, we’ll see some of the signposts along The Road to Redemption. Signs that tells us that the road is a one-way street, to watch for the flagman’s instructions, to not stop moving forward, and to prepare ourselves for the long and winding road that is ahead of us.

I know there’s a strong and comforting message for us here given the current circumstances we’re all facing. It is also a thoroughly boots-on-the-ground, realistic message, and not an idealistic one.

Life is hard. Ruth and Naomi knew it and so do we.

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Sermon Notes

The Road to Redemption: The Life-Changing Story of Ruth
The Long and Winding Road
Pastor Todd Dugard
Ruth 3

On the road to redemption…

…there is but ONE WAY (v. 1–4)

John 14:7
Acts 4:24


2 Peter 1:19

…with NO STOPPING once I get going (v. 8–15)

…because it is often a long and WINDING ROAD AHEAD (v. 16–18)