August 4, 2019

The Showdown

Bible Text: Mark 12:1–44 |

Mike Armstrong, senior pastor at Harvest Newmarket, was with us this Sunday to bring God's Word. Mike and Angie and their kids, Wyatt and Karis, were part of our church family for six years before planting in Newmarket, and it's always a joy for us to have them back. Mike's message from Mark 12 promises to challenge each of us in the areas of pride and surrender.

Sermon Notes

Pastor Mike Armstrong
Mark 12:1–44
August 4, 2019
In a showdown with my pride, Jesus wins.
1. Even when it seems like I’ve won, I’ve actually lost (v. 1–12)
        Four things we lose when we give into pride
1. Intimacy with God (James 4:8)
2. Intimacy with the church (Acts 2:44)
3. Soul-level satisfaction (Psalm 107:9)
4. Mission success (1 Peter 2:9)
2. By dismantling my hypocrisy, arrogance, and self-righteousness (v. 13–37)
3. Enabling me to truly surrender my all to him (v. 38–44)