June 3, 2018

The Stone That the Builders Rejected

Bible Text: Luke 20:9–18 |

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In modern construction, the cornerstone has become merely a ceremonial thing. It is usually bigger and of a different substance than the block, bricks, or stones around it. A date is often etched in it and, in the case of churches, a Scripture verse. It is also often placed in a prominent location where it will be easily noticed.

But in ancient times, the cornerstone was essentially the same as all the other stones. It was simply the first one laid, thus was the “head” or “corner” stone. The importance of this first stone was that it set the pattern for all of the others. If the structure being built would have integrity and be true, this stone needed to be laid perfectly.

In Luke 20:9-18, Jesus tells a parable and then explains it using a quote from Psalm 118:22 where the Messiah is described as the cornerstone. He is the one who sets the pattern and establishes what is true. The whole structure of the kingdom of God, of living for him, for both Israel and the Church, follows the pattern of the cornerstone.

This should have an obvious and immediate impact on the lives of believers. If Jesus is the cornerstone for your life, the “house” you are building will be strong and true. But if things are off kilter in your world, perhaps you need to (re-)establish Jesus as your cornerstone.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 5
The Stone That the Builders Rejected
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 20:9–18
June 2–3, 2018

I must acknowledge that God made, owns, and rules over all (v. 9a)

...and has entrusted what he made to us (v. 9b)

...requiring submission to his Word and his will (v. 10–12)

...and to his beloved Son, Jesus Christ (v. 13)

...whom I must accept as my Lord and Saviour (v. 14–16a)

...in order to receive the inheritance of his kingdom (v. 16b)

...rather than the crushing judgment that awaits those who reject him (v. 16c–18)