April 27, 2014

These Things Ought Not To Be So

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What would you say is the one category of sin that is most often committed by human beings? Don’t think too hard. Just think of the last time you said something stupid, hurtful, deceitful or cutting.

The most common sins are those we commit with our words. James says, “The tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness.” Not only the most common but the most devastating.

As we continue our series, The No-Nonsense Guide to the Extraordinary Christian Life, we will open the Word of God to James 3:1-12. And while we understand the destructive effects of our words, James says simply, “these things ought not to be so.” As Christ-followers we can, with God’s help, “tame the tongue”.

You have to come ready for this one. It will be a hard-hitting message.