April 15, 2018

They Did Not Grasp What Was Said

Bible Text: Luke 18:31–43 |

As we read the Gospels from our complete perspective, we see the clarity with which he predicted his own death, burial, and resurrection. And yet, his disciples didn’t grasp at all what he was saying to them about how things would end. It is difficult to say whether or not they simply couldn’t believe that was the way it would go down, or if God himself had put a veil over their understanding of these things so nothing would hinder the plan. Given our understanding of human responsibility and divine sovereignty, we would say both of those are true.

Here is the irony: Though we have the completed canon of Scripture and know exactly and in detail what Jesus did for us and that he will return in power and glory, we still struggle to grasp all that he, through the work of the Holy Spirit, is doing in our day and in our lives. We miss the awesomeness of who he is and what his plans for us are. How can we keep from missing what Jesus is doing? That is what we will look at in Luke 18:31-43 this weekend.

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Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 5
They Did Not Grasp What Was Said
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 18:31–43
April 14–15, 2018

How can I keep from missing what Jesus is doing? (v. 34)

1. Anticipate what’s to come (v. 31)

2. Grasp the awfulness of his death (v. 32–33a)

3. Celebrate the awesomeness of his resurrection (v. 33b)

4. See the desperate needs around you (v. 35–39)

5. Pray to the God who hears and answers (v. 40–41)

6. Experience the healing he offers (v. 42)

7. Give him praise and glory! (v. 43)