March 10, 2019

This is My Body

Bible Text: Luke 22:1–23 |

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Is the will of God determined for me?

That is a question that has occupied the thinking and conversations of believers, pastors, and theologians since the beginning of time itself. What happens at the intersection of human freewill, Satan’s influences, and the sovereignty of God? As we read the Bible, it would seem that all three are true. Humans have a will and are able to make decisions for good and evil, Satan is active in the world, and God is in control with all things happening according to his will. But how do we reconcile that?

Some might dismiss the discussion as too theological and completely irrelevant to where we live, but it wasn’t irrelevant to Judas Iscariot or the first disciples. Judas made a decision to betray Jesus. That decision was evidently influenced by Satan entering him. Yet that decision, we’re told, was also part of God’s determined will. All three are true. Now, let’s ask the question, as you and I make decisions and live our lives, are we doing so based on what we decide for ourselves, are we being unduly influenced by the evil one, or has God already made all the picks and we’re just playing it all out? If we’re to avoid simply resigning ourselves to a certain divine fate, we have to understand how God is working in our lives and in this world.

In Luke 22:1-23, Judas becomes the betrayer. Jesus exposes the plot and then shares a final Passover meal with his disciples, pointing them again to the suffering and death he would have to experience to fulfill God’s plan; “for the Son of Man goes as it has been determined.” As we see this play out, we will be able to affirm that the purposes of God cannot be thwarted in our lives (though we may face fierce opposition as we seek to faithfully walk with God and anticipate all that he is doing and will do), because we look to Christ alone for all we need and know that he determines our way. There’s comfort and joy in that.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 6
This is My Body
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 22:1–23
March 10, 2019

The purposes of God cannot be thwarted in my life...

...though I may face fierce opposition (v. 1–6) I seek to faithfully walk with God (v. 7–13)

...and anticipate all that he is doing and will do (v. 14–18)

...because I look to Christ alone for all I need (v. 19–20)

...and know that he determines my way (v. 21–23)