April 20, 2014

This Jesus God Raised Up

Bible Text: Acts 2:24-39 |

It is ridiculous to compare this coming weekend to anything else. I’ve heard Super Bowl analogies that say something like, “Easter weekend is the church’s Super Bowl”. Whatever. The Super Bowl is a pick-up game compared to this weekend.

There are only two occasions that outshine the annual special remembrance and celebration of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ: the original event and the coming event of Christ’s return. That’s it. Everything else pales in comparison.

So, I hope you’re ready. And getting ready. So many of you have told me how much the anticipation is building inside of you and how you’re excited to have friends and family that you’ve invited join you. I feel that too. I’m stoked! Holy Spirit stoked! I can barely contain myself thinking about it.