February 18, 2018

This Way Home

Bible Text: Matthew 7:13–14 |

This weekend we continue our sermon series, The Bible’s Greatest Hits, by looking at a well-known section in the Sermon on the Mount. I have been preparing a message from Matthew 7:13-14, and let me tell you, this text is a true stunner!

Jesus invites us to leave behind the mass appeal of the easy way and instead to find eternal life on the hard road. It sounds difficult, but we must understand that Jesus is showing us the way home. Without his direction, we would be lost on a road that takes us nowhere good. Discipleship is the only journey that leads us back to God. Do you desire to be in his presence? Are you searching for the way to eternal life? Jesus has marked the way for us, and we will examine the kind of conviction that is required to follow him home to God.

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Sermon Notes

The Bible's Greatest Hits
This Way Home
Pastor Dwayne Francois // Matthew 7:13–14
February 17–18, 2018

Four personal convictions for taking the hard road home to God...

#1 – I must do whatever it takes to get back to God. (v. 13a)

#2 – The easy road can’t save me from destruction. (v. 13b)

#3 – The hard road prepares me for eternal life. (v. 14)

#4 – If I remain faithful on the way, God will bring me home. (v.15-27)