April 23, 2017

Unafraid Witnesses

Bible Text: Acts 1:6–11 |

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It is a clear mandate: “Go and make disciples.” Jesus didn’t leave us to wonder what we should be doing as his followers and as the church. In Acts 1:8 he told us that we would be his witnesses throughout the world. The language is strong and undeniable. He isn’t laying out a potential way of life or an optional initiative, but rather what will happen. What must happen. “You WILL BE my witnesses,” Jesus said.

And that is exactly what we are trying to be. We have an individual responsibility, as well as a corporate one that is the responsibility of the church as a whole. This Sunday I will take about half of my time to teach through Acts 1:6-11 and then the rest to give you a survey of our global and compassion ministry efforts. I want to brief you on what we are doing and want to do hands-on as a church, in addition to what we are accomplishing through the various ministry partnerships we help to fund.

Small Group Questions

Sermon Notes

Unafraid Witnesses
Pastor Todd Dugard // Acts 1:6–11
April 23, 2017

We are the unafraid witnesses of Jesus Christ because…

…he commissioned us (v. 8b)

…he empowers us (v. 8a)

…he motivates us (v. 6–7, 9–11)