February 5, 2017

Unless You Repent

Bible Text: Luke 13:1-9 |

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Once again this week we heard the news of an act of violence and hate. The shootings in Quebec City are just the latest in a growing list of senseless killings around the world. But this one is in our own country. For the grieving families who lost loved ones in that mosque, the politics and religion of it matter little; their loved ones are now gone. All Canadians should grieve with them. We should grieve the loss of our fellow citizens and the peace that was shattered in our country that night.

A similar situation was brought to the attention of Jesus as he made his way to Jerusalem. There was a group of Galileans who had, in some way, crossed Pilate, the Roman governor. It didn’t end well for them. A political and religious message was sent to the people with their execution. Jesus responded in his typically unorthodox manner, pointing to the greater issue: not that some people were tragically or unjustly killed, but that we’re all going to die, we’re all sinners, judgment follows for everyone, and we need to get right with God before that happens.

That’s what we will be looking at together this weekend in Luke 13:1-9 as we conclude a section of the gospel that has focused on Jesus’ return and the impending judgment. We need to be ready for it. And we need to tell others to be ready for it.

In this message, Pastor Todd references a message series from 2007 called The People of God: Israel, the Church and God’s Plan for His Own (audio only).

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 4
Unless You Repent
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 13:1-9
February 4-5, 2017

In light of Jesus’ imminent return, you must embrace...

• The universality of death (v. 1, 4a)

• The culpability of humanity (v. 2, 4b)

• The inevitability of judgment (v. 6-8, 9b)

• The necessity of repentance (v. 3, 5, 9a)