June 1, 2014

Until The Coming Of The Lord

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Anyone who knows me knows that patience is probably not my best thing (understatement). I’m an instant gratification type of guy. A trip of almost any distance in a car with me driving will reveal this uber-obvious fact.

Here’s the thing, the words patient, patience, wait, steadfast, steadfastness appear a bunch of times in this week’s passage; which means another tough week for me in the sermon cave. And I’m pretty certain it’ll be a good message for many of you too. I can’t be the only guy struggling with being patient.

As we get into James 5:1-11 we will see that God’s concern is not merely that we treat each other better by being patient, but that our hearts and minds be given over to the truth that in light of the coming of the Lord, we need to be patient. That future hope that we have should compel a different perspective on things in our lives that are far more important than whether or not we’re stuck in traffic.