January 17, 2016

Unwavering Faith

Bible Text: Numbers 13-14 |

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As we set out to purchase and renovate the building that will become a place of our own, we need to ensure we are ready for it. That’s the point of this first teaching series of 2016, Make Ready. We’ll be looking at eight different biblical characters to see how God prepared each of them for the big move they would all later experience. Unwavering faith, clear identity, highest integrity, radical devotion, God-given peace, focused determination, steadfast endurance, and a humble heart all come as we make ready for a big work of God in our lives.

We’ll get started this weekend looking at the mission of the twelve spies in Numbers 13-14. Some in that group had an unwavering faith and others, not so much. The big move of God would come some 40 years later, and only those who demonstrated an unwavering faith would live to see it. Seems to me that an unwavering faith is something we’d all want. I know God wants it for us.