July 4, 2021

We must obey God rather than men

Bible Text: Acts 5:12-32 |

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We’re coming out of a unique season. The global pandemic of the past 16 months has etched this generation into the history books. We can say that, “We were there when.” Similarly, the Book of Acts is about the first disciples of Jesus and the first churches to be planted. It is the account of people on mission, empowered by the Holy Spirit; a generation that was etched into history. There is no parallel to the history-altering impact of those who preached and spread the message of the gospel to the end of the earth.

Our study in Acts was interrupted by the pandemic in March 2020. All these months later, we return to it with message #15, “We must obey God rather than men;” a curious passage to have paused at given the government restrictions we have complied with. It is our firm contention that we have not failed to fulfill our mission and obey the Lord through this time. We were never compelled to compromise the gospel or what it means to be the church. Further, we have seen this time as a period of refinement and growth, and are leaning in to embrace the mission in an even greater way in the days ahead.

Sermon Notes

The Book of Acts
We must obey God rather than men
Pastor Todd Dugard
July 4, 2021
Acts 5:12-32
Obedience – submission to authority or reason; conforming to what has been advised or commanded. 
Loud & Nida
When I obey God above all others…
…I will see his Spirit move (v. 12–16)
…I will face ongoing, even intense, opposition (v. 17–18; 21b–26)
Controversy for the sake of controversy is sin. 
Controversy for the sake of truth is a divine command. 
Walter R. Martin
…I will carry on the mission as a witness of Christ (v. 19–21a)
…I will experience a holy boldness (v. 27–32)