July 1, 2018

What Will Be the Sign?

Bible Text: Luke 21:5–38 |

Some people love to talk about eschatology, the apocalypse, the end times, visions, and dreams about the future. They like to speculate about the biblical prophecies by tying them into current events. They can’t get enough of Ezekiel, Daniel, and, of course, the Book of Revelation. On the one hand, the eagerness to study these things is good. It is certainly better than not thinking about the coming of Jesus at all. On the other hand, the speculation about specifics isn’t all that helpful and can, in fact, be harmful.

This message is in Luke 21:5-38 where Jesus talks about the coming destruction of the Temple. He follows that with extended information about events that, even for us, are yet in the future. There is so much for us to hear beyond simply speculating about what the details mean. When we ask why Jesus would talk about all of this and why the Bible contains so much apocalyptic literature, the answer flows from the verses themselves. We will hear a call to believers to be on mission in light of Jesus’ coming. We will hear encouragement in the face of persecution. We will see our God in his glory, one who is, without question, fully in control of this crazy, broken world.

This message covers a lot of ground with 33 verses and a nine-point outline, so come prepared! As message #80 in our ongoing study of The Gospel of Luke, this one also brings the current section to a close. In the spring of 2019, Lord willing, we will finish up Luke with ten messages in chapters 22-24.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 5
What Will Be the Sign?
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 21:5–38
July 1, 2018

The end is coming! What’s a Christian to do?

1. Admit it’s actually coming! (v. 5–6)

2. Watch for the signs (v. 7, 10–12, 20–27)

3. Beware of end-times-nut-jobs (v. 8)

4. No fear (v. 9)

5. Tell everyone you can about Jesus (v. 13)

6. Lean on the Holy Spirit (v. 14–19)

7. Be filled with hope (v. 28–31)

8. Trust the Word of God (v. 32–33)

9. Live righteously before it all goes down (v. 34–38)