December 8, 2013

What Will This Child Be?

Bible Text: Luke 1:57-66 |

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There’s nothing quite like the birth of a child. No other experience in my life really compares to seeing our three children born. It truly is indescribable.

In our study of Luke’s Gospel, before we get to the main event of the extraordinary, miraculous, angel-announced birth of Jesus, the Saviour of the world, we have the extraordinary, only-slightly-less-miraculous birth of his herald, John. At his circumcision and naming ceremony, the witnesses are stunned by the evident work of God in it all and they ask the faith-filled, anticipatory question, “What then will this child be?”

While it is unlikely that any child born at Harvest will have the stature of John the Baptist, we should nevertheless have the same faith-filled, anticipatory question on our lips when any new baby arrives. That’s what this message is about, and I’m eager to share it with you all today.