November 3, 2019

When Grace Matters Most

Bible Text: 1 Peter 2:18–3:7 |

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There is something within us that fundamentally rejects the idea of voluntary submission to an authority that mistreats us. However, there are times and places where submission is exactly what God would have us do. We all know how hard it is to choose to follow God when it is certain that obedience will result in pain, loss, or punishment. To encourage us, he has designed these situations so that our submission can result in his glory. The grace we get from him and the grace we show while being mistreated for doing what is right is persuasive evidence that we walk with Jesus and trust him for our salvation. Grace matters most in situations where we have nothing else to do but suffer, so that the gospel message goes forward. As we look at a new section of Peter’s letter, we will see three ways to ensure that submission isn’t simply suffering for nothing. We can use it as a strategy to deliver grace that draws attention to God.

Sermon Notes

When Grace Matters Most
Pastor Dwayne Francois
1 Peter 2:18–3:7

November 3, 2019

Grace matters most when you are…

• mistreated and suffering repeatedly

• misunderstood and valued insignificantly

• misaligned yet sacrificing unreservedly

Grace comes most when you…

• choose conduct that is to your credit (2:18–20; 3:1–2)

• clarify the appeal of your new character (3:3–7)

• conform yourself to the hope of Jesus’ example (2:21–25)