March 3, 2019

When It’s Really, Very Badly Broken

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It makes perfect sense that in a world corrupted by sin, the precious, God-ordained institution of family would often find itself broken by sin. The pressure and negative influences on our marriages and child-rearing mean that all families face some level of dysfunction. For some the dysfunction is deep enough that it leads to anger, arguments, conflict, abuse, and all too often estrangement and divorce. Sadly, so many individuals have been hurt and victimized and live their lives with the scar tissue of being part of a family that can only be described as really, very badly broken. But even if that’s true, there is hope for the most broken of family situations.

As we get together on Sunday to wrap up this seven-message series, The Fam: God’s Plan for Your Home to be Awesome, we’ll look at the hope that Christ gives those who come to him to find life in the midst of even the most dysfunctional and devastating of family situations. We’ll look at John 4 and the woman who had been married five times and was, at the time, living with a sixth. Jesus told her that if she simply drank the living water, she would, “never thirst again.” What he meant by that is that all of her chasing after human relationships to satisfy something deep within was betraying a brokenness that could be repaired if she would drink from the living water of Christ. Jesus gave her hope for something far better in this life and beyond this life.

I’ll spend some time unpacking that and more, and with Pastor Roger, will answer the questions you have been submitting during the series-concluding Q&A. Don’t forget to take advantage of the resource page we have set up with books, articles, videos, upcoming conferences, as well as the previous messages in this series (on video and audio) and information on the Biblical Soul Care sponsored follow up sessions that we’ve put together on parenting.

Sermon Notes

The Fam: God’s Plan for Your Home to Be Awesome
When It’s Really, Very Badly Broken
Pastor Todd Dugard // Various Scriptures
March 3, 2019

There is hope for your family even when it is really, very badly broken because...

• Jesus came for the “bruised reeds” (Matthew 12:15-21)
• Your brokenness is not too broken (John 4:1-42)
• Your true family is your eternal one and not your earthly one (Luke 8:19-21)
• Your deepest longings are meant to be fulfilled in glory not on earth (1 Peter 1:6-7)