March 15, 2020

Where the Road Begins

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I've set aside what we had planned for the next few weeks and instead will be starting a new 4-week series, Road to Redemption: The life-changing story of Ruth. This Sunday’s message in Ruth 1:1-18 is entitled, Where the road begins. I believe this will be a timely series of messages as we continue to deal with the reality of COVID-19 and its effects on us.

Families with children can watch the videos that have been put together with their Harvest Kids’ lesson and memory verse.

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Sermon Notes

The Road to Redemption: The Life-Changing Story of Ruth
Where the Road Begins
Pastor Todd Dugard
Ruth 1:1–18

On the road to redemption...

...I am faced with many heartaches and challenges (v. 1–5)

...but, I will cling to hope and believe for better days (v. 6–14a)

Isaiah 40:28–31

...determined to go with God no matter what (v. 14b–18)

Romans 8:28

Resignation lies down quietly in an empty universe. Acceptance rises up to meet the God who fills that universe with purpose and destiny. Resignation says, “I can't,” and God says, “I can.” Resignation says, “It's all over for me.” Acceptance asks, “Now that I'm here, Lord, what's next?” Resignation says, “What a waste.” Acceptance says, “In what redemptive way can you use this mess, Lord?”
--Jill Briscoe