September 11, 2022

Who can stand?

Bible Text: Revelation 6:1-17 |

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We’re resuming our series, Great & Amazing, in the Book of Revelation this Sunday with a look at Revelation 6, the opening of the seven seals. As the scene unfolds before John’s eyes, he sees an increasingly desperate and decaying world around him depicted as four horsemen. One stands out from the rest as more hopeful. The others bring destruction and death. By the end of the chapter, the question is asked by unbelievers who are facing the onslaught of God’s wrath, “Who can stand?” And the answer is made clear: only those who belong to the Lamb and who claim his victory. If you want to be better prepared for Sunday, read Revelation 6, but also understand that what we’ll study Sunday parallels Jesus’ prophetic teaching in the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24-25 (cf. Mark 13; Luke 21).

Series: Great& Amazing — Revelation (Part 2)
Todd Dugard
Message: 12 – Who Can Stand?
Harvest Bible Chapel
Text: Revelation 6:1-17
September 11, 2022

Q. Who can stand in the face of…(6:17b)

…violence? (6:3-4)

…economic disparity? (6:5-6)

…disasters and disease? (6:7-8)

…persecution and martyrdom? (6:9-11)

In the past year, 360 million Christians, or 1 in 7 believers around the world, suffered significant persecution for their faith. Every day in 2021, an average of more than 16 believers were killed for following Jesus. With close to 6,000 total martyrs, 2021 saw a 24% increase in Christians killed for the faith.
Lifeway Research

A. Those who await the vindication of God… (6:12-17)

These severe disruptions point forward to the ultimate escalation soon-to-come, the dissolution of the present sky and earth in connection with the arrival of the new creation of Revelation 21-22.
Buist M. Fanning

…having the firm hope of Christ’s victory (6:1-2)