June 21, 2015

Who do you say that I am?

Bible Text: Luke 9:18-22 |

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Who exactly is Jesus Christ? People have been wrestling with that question for about two thousand years now. In fact, without knowing his name, they had been wondering about the identity of the Messiah and Saviour for a few thousand before that. And though Jesus lived among us and died two millennia ago, the debate about Jesus Christ rages on to this day.

As we continue in our study of Luke’s gospel, we will come to the place where Jesus finally asked the question that had been burning inside everyone to that point: who do you say that I am? We will take the time on Sunday to unpack Luke 9:18-22 and consider who he isn’t, who he is and why it matters. This message will be a bit more content heavy and theologically packed. It will feel a little different, I’m sure.