November 7, 2021

Without Delay

Bible Text: Acts 9:32-43 |

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I had a challenging back-and-forth email dialogue this past week with a recent attendee who was not in agreement with the idea of the dual necessity of believing in Jesus Christ alone for salvation and of our mission to share this gospel (good news) with others, especially if it causes a person to be upset with us. As I appealed to this person, I wrote, “Every single person on the planet is a sinner and under the condemnation of death: physical death but also ‘second death’ or eternal separation from God. So, there is an urgency to preaching and sharing this gospel because everyday people die without Christ and without hope.” This attendee has chosen to move on to another church, preferring a feel-good, non-offensive brand of religion. I understand the dilemma, but the Apostle Paul calls that, “a different gospel” in his letters to the Galatians and Corinthians.

As that relates to Acts 9:32-43, our passage for this Sunday, we’ll see the urgency of an appeal to the Apostle Peter to come “without delay” to minister to a specific need in the town of Joppa. “Peter rose and went with them” sensing the urgency of the situation, because his life was dedicated to the spread of the gospel. As we examine the narrative together, we will all be pressed to consider whether or not we have grasped the urgency of the gospel mission ourselves or if we have embraced “a different gospel” that does not offend and, of course, does not save.

Sermon Notes

Series: The Book of Acts
Todd Dugard
Message: Without Delay
Acts 9:32-43
November 7, 2021

When I grasp the urgency of the gospel mission......

I look for God to do the impossible(v. 32-35)...

I go wherever he leads me (v. 36-39a)...

I remain humble before him (v. 39b-40a)...

I depend wholly on God (v. 40b-43)...

I proclaim Jesus and nothing else (v. 34b)