May 22, 2022

You have kept my word

Bible Text: Revelation 3:7-13 |

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What a relief to get to the sixth of seven letters and know that there’s no rebuke attached to it. Jesus commends and encourages them. That’s it. After the challenging messages we’ve heard already, this comes as welcomed relief in advance of hearing a very tough seventh and final letter next Sunday! The church in Philadelphia—the city of brotherly love—was reassured by Jesus in this letter in light of the crushing burdens they were facing as believers. For anyone who is feeling the weight of things right now, my hope is that you would be encouraged by the Word this week.

Series: Great & Amazing - Revelation
Message: 8–You have kept my word
Text: Revelation 3:7-13
Todd Dugard
Harvest Bible Chapel
May 15, 2022

Jesus opens and closes all doors (v. 7), and so we should be encouraged…

Matthew 16:19

…to persevere in his work (v. 8)

With great power comes great responsibility.
Uncle Ben

We glorify God by making more and better disciples of Jesus who love God and love people

…to await his vindication (v. 9)

Isaiah 60:14

…to lean hard on his promises (v. 10-13)

Revelation 21:22