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Videos highlighting how God is at work in our church family

Tyler and Amber’s story of childlessness and how God did only what he could in the midst of an international adoption.

Patti’s story explains her experience of trusting in the Lord while facing the valley of deepest darkness.

Daren and Anna’s story describing challenges in their marriage, family and work, yet  finding power to cope with all of this by putting their hope in Christ alone.

Melody’s story of how the Barrie Pregnancy Resource Centre influenced her life, showing her Christ’s love and giving her hope.

Rod and Elayne’s story about trials in the recent years and how they have been supported by their church family.

Brian’s story of God’s faithfulness during years of disappointment and bitterness.

Josh’s story of how he came to know our Prince of Peace, how his marriage turned around and how his lifestyle made a 180 degree turn.

John and Jeannie’s story of a broken marriage and the healing they found through faith in Christ.

Sheena’s story of victory over addictions while resting in the arms of our Saviour.

Sheila’s story about God completely transforming a life of promiscuity.