Want to know one of the most unexpected saving graces of the last 18 months?  

Our facility at 7 George Street. 

The pandemic restrictions put pressure on churches around the world, and we were no different. Yet, the Lord had provided us with an amazing facility that served as a base of operations, a gathering spot, and a launching pad for a new approach to mission and ministry. 

We may have been grateful for our facilities in the summer of 2017 when we packed out the place and celebrated our first services here, but the gratitude has been overflowing on more recent Sundays when there were only five of us allowed in the building producing livestreams and connecting in an impactful way with our church family and with newcomers. 

Being able to come to you like that from our own worship centre provided a small sense of stability and normalcy in a world that had so little of it. And it provided hope and encouragement to many who we had never met and who are now calling Harvest their church home. 

It is often said that, “a church building is just a tool,” but, in fact, it became a weapon in our hands as we battled this season of darkness and despair. And, by God’s grace, we have prevailed. 

And that leads us to ask you a question. 

As we come into the last weeks of 2021, with the pandemic fading, we are blessed by how faithful and generous our church family has been, allowing us all to carry on with this ministry unimpeded, reaching for new initiatives and expanding our vision. 

As elders, finance team, and staff we are presenting our Harvest family with an end-of-year appeal to strengthen our hand with respect to our facilities. 

Consider this…

  • we continue to carry a manageable debt-load on the purchase of the property which includes a lender-held mortgage and church-issued bonds 
  • we have a second-floor renovation which has yet to be completed to add a dedicated Harvest Youth room as well as additional meeting space that is, among other things, useable for overflow from the worship centre 
  • we have ongoing maintenance projects as well as a need to have funds set aside for unforeseen repairs that pop up in a facility like ours. For example, in the last year and a half, we have used designated building funds to…
    • upgrade our HVAC units with air exchangers (COVID related)
    • make urgent repairs to our plumbing systems 
    • add electricity to the garage 
    • add needed sound dampening to the Great Room 
    • create state-of-the-art production capability for the livestream 
    • instal a dedicated fibre-optic internet line 

So, here’s the question, as we close out 2021, would you please consider making a special, generous, joyful donation to our 7 George Street fund?

Would you help us add $200,000 to this fund by year-end?

It’s a big goal, but we are confident that with God’s help we can reach it!

In this 20th anniversary year, we believe that God’s call on us is to, “Let it be known!” (1 Kings 18:36) that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. And 7 George Street plays a big part in that. 

Whether you’ve been part of the Harvest family for years or you’re brand new to the family since this pandemic began, we’re inviting you to give so that this wonderful facility will continue to serve the mission entrusted to us. 

You can make your donation in all the regular ways. Simply designate your gift to the “Building Fund”. All gifts received before midnight, December 31 will be receipted for tax purposes. 

Soli Deo Gloria


Join us for church this Sunday at 9 or 11 a.m.