April 10, 2016

His Long-Anticipated Return

Bible Text: Revelation 19:11-16 |

There’s nothing quite like talking about the future things that God has planned for us and for our world. People love looking into the apocalyptic passages of the Bible and seeing what is coming.

We’re going to dive into that this weekend as we complete our short series titled Saviour! with a message on “His Long-Anticipated Return” from Revelation 19:11-16.

The question in front of us will be the one we touched on last week: are you and I anticipating the imminent return of Jesus?

In this message Pastor Todd includes a primer on future things since this is a topic he hasn't really touched on very much. Harvest is a family with folks from all kinds of church backgrounds and many without any church background. It’ll be good to lay down some basics.

Sermon Notes

His Long-Anticipated Return
Pastor Todd Dugard // Revelation 19:11-16
April 9–10, 2016

Are you anticipating the imminent return of Jesus?

• Watch for his coming (v. 11a)
• Trust his plan (v. 11b)
• Acknowledge his qualifications (v. 12-13)
• Follow his leadership (v. 14)
• Fear his wrath (v. 15-16)